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Engage your Audience

The most advanced Wi-Fi advertising platform on the
market,right at your fingertips.

So many ways to captivate

Trade free Wi-Fi for guaranteed engagement

Generate traffic

Make WiFi users into your audience. Direct customers to branded sponsorship and in exchange offer free WiFi.
  • Maximize direct traffic

  • Increase CTR

  • Build brand loyalty


Build Views & Customer Advocacy

Provide a fully customized marketing experience with formatted video and comp.
  • Display visually stunning content

  • Grab genuine attention from engaged WiFi users

  • Customize different length of videos


Use HTML & Flash animations to provide a unique branding experience

Engage with your audience through device response animations.
  • Build call to actions

  • Use Airlink ad server to track campaign events

  • Leverage third party tracking at part of Airlink’s intelligence engine


Reinforce brand messaging

Have WiFi users recognize and remember your messaging. Text actions allow connected users to write out a brand-enhancing message which in turn reinforce customer-brand relationships.
  • Promote slogans

  • Use creative mnemonics

  • Manage complete layout experience


Poll your audience

Nothing is quite as valuable as customer feedback. Upload surveys and refine them further to find the questions that resonate with your clients.
  • Register customer feedback to model your campaigns

  • Highlight new products & solicit feedback

  • Request feedback from your customer on WiFi advertising messages


Drive Customer Acquisition

Build out your corporate marketing program with email signups over WiFi. Give customers the option to join your marketing programs and build ongoing relationship even after they leave.
  • Build high quality email lists

  • Sync corporate loyalty programs to relate further with your customers

  • Merge list building with other WiFi marketing


Increase opt-ins to social media lists

Merge social media into the WiFi experience. Build your fan following with connected customers.
  • 2-Way communication

  • Develop brand champions

  • Reward and influence purchase activity


Distribute Apps to an engaged audience

Provide free WiFi and have connected customers download your App easily and without consuming 3G/4G data.
  • Improve App rating

  • Increase App downloads and usage

  • Pay for only verified App downloads


Full marketing platform

Display your marketing message on the login and prominent real-estate to maximize your return.
  • Engage with customers before they are online

  • Flexible campaign management

  • Location specific marketing

The goal of the Airlink media platform is to provide Complete Solution for Wireless Connectivity.

Billions of annual visitors in locations around the world

Find the right message for the perfect location
Sports Bars
Shopping Malls
City Centers
and more…

Target Acquired

Reach the right audience at the right time
Target based on a location where you want to build brand awareness. Pick from a Industry specific venue or an international hub of traffic.
Pick from a specific time of the day or a window of dates to coincide with a product or branding launch.
Target specific marketing to the device of choice. Increase conversion by providing device specific content.

Manage your reports

Benefit from a robust reporting tool and intelligently target future campaigns based on past results.

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Airlink Media is the media division of Airlink and enables advertisers to meet success metrics by targeting and serving ads over WiFi deployments to an engaged audience.

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